Invest in Varkaus

Opportunities in Bio Economy, Industrial Symbiosis and Circular Economy – Stora Enso Mill Site


Stora Enso Mill Site in Varkaus

• Containerboard
• Pulp
• Sawn timber

Annual capacity

• 390 000 tonnes (containerboard)
• 310 000 tonnes (pulp)
• 125 000 m3 (sawn timber)
• 100 000 m3 (LVL)

Number of employees: 400 • Founded: 1834 (as a sawmill)

Current resources

Geo-heat, Geo-cooling, Coolant water, Power supply, Fiber lines, Heat energy surplus

Recent investments in fish farming exploiting indsturial side flows of the Mill

• Finnforel
• Indoor farming technique
• Recirculated Aqua System

Prospects/under investigation

• Bio carbon production
• Data center
• Nutrient side flow recycling (waste water)
• Plastic recycling



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