Future Savo – Future Mayor – Future thoughts on Central Savonia´s international possibilities


There was a lot of future related discussions in the air when Central Savonia´s Global Talent Ambassadors met with coming Mayor of Varkaus, Joonas Hänninen, on May Day Eve.

Future Savo -project gathered 8 international talents living and working in Central Savonia in February for networking purposes, and to attract also other potential talents to Lake Land district through their interesting stories. Ambassadors have met each other regularly during winter and spring and last event was held at Navitas on May Day Eve where talents got the chance to change ideas on area´s international possibilities with Joonas Hänninen, future Mayor of Varkaus.

Joonas Hänninen was especially interested to hear talents´ experiences on living and working here, to utilize this information for the future activities and development of the area. Language capabilities and improving the international infrastructure for global talents were raised as few improvement ideas from the ambassadors. Hänninen has recognized the need for competent work force in many companies in Varkaus, but agreed with ambassadors that also leisure activity, spouses´ work as well as studying possibilities should be considered when developing the city services.

The discussion was realistic; in addition to area´s possible developing points, ambassadors also shared Savonia´s attractive sides, such as peaceful living environment and beautiful nature. Everyone also agreed that there would be a need and interest to continue discussion related to this topic and find also new ways to utilize our area´s international ambassadors as our global storytellers.

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Tuula Kokkonen


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